LA GUAJIRA! One of the best kept treasures in Colombia. Located along the northern coast of the country, La Guajira has an invaluable natural and cultural richness. There are few places in the world where you can find a desert with sea and this magical place is one of them.

Beside its vast landscape of dunes and mountains in golden and terracotta tones, the Caribbean Sea coast emerges with its salvage beaches in aquamarine tones celebrating the beauty of its nature while the cultural legacy of the Wayuú indigenous tribe, surround us with its magic.

Colourful cotton threads weaved to perfection into hammocks, bags, clutches, clothes and pompons describe us their stories and beliefs. Their tribal dances reveal their lifestyle of a matriarchal society, where women are the head and strength within the family.

The peaceful environment is spellbound with nature reserves, where you can appreciate pink flamingos, turtles and exotic birds. A truly adventure for all those who love being surrounded by nature.

For KaleKale this is the land of inspiration. Our secret place, where happiness can be reached by stepping into this magical paradise. Their people, their legacy and their lifestyle are the modjo of our brand. Working along the Wayuu tribe, we have affirmed the importance of creating fashion and production awareness by saying no to mass production and investing in artisanal work.

Definitely a place you MUST visit !

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