Everyone wants a straw bag right now. Even more during the summer time when the heat and the beach takes ove our days. And it is a fact that we have seen them everywhere!!! form Bali to Brasil, it seems like every country has a traditional straw "something"! You did not guess it wrong, Colombia also has their own and are insanely beautiful and terribly worked to perfection.

But all this "trendy style" comes from a long time artisanal culture, the Iraca is recognized as one of the most important raw materials in the development of crafts in Colombia.

The leaves of this palm are dried and processed to get the threads of Iraca. which are also dyed in diverse colours to create unique designs.

It is not a surprise that Colombian straw bags are leading the fashion scene by been photographed on the streets and the most famous fashion bloggers around the world as they are without a doubt unique and different from what we use to see.

Sometimes the designs may include floral motifs in tydye giving wings to the imagination of designers to go beyond and reinterpret the design treasuring the ancestral technique.

For all these reason, we decided to cross the Atlantic and bring you all the joy and beauty of these bags to be your best friend. Find out more about our STRAW BAGS by clicking on any of the images of this post!

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