But what is the grace of Cartagena? Why is it trendy now for travel destinations and tourism? If there is so much beaches and so much sun all over the world, what makes Cartagena different? Well, the reason is not simple, the reason is just as complex to its idiosyncrasy. With its surrounding culture, its streets full of color, not only in its facades, but in its people.

Cartagena is a Summer city. The days and nights are all about the heat and the caribbean soul. In the morning we feel the smell of fresh tropical fruits walking around the streets, Colombian coffee recently done, the smell of coconut.... the sound of the coaches driving inside and out the old city..... and the food!... a mix between sea food and comfort cousine that brings us nuts.

Walking around has become a pleasure, the streets are now full of nice coffees places and restaurants to try. Local trade undoubtedly offering all the artisan wonders of the region (we just want to buy them all!!!) from the Wayuu Mochila to the beautiful and nicely done Straw Hats that are an invitation to go to the beach.

As you may know or not, Cartagena is located on the Caribbean ocean and is blessed with endless islands and beaches to discover and enjoy such as Islas del Rosário, Tierra Bomba, Playa Blanca..etc. There is a "i've found paradise" feeling in the air, even most when you decide to go after undiscovered spots, where the wild, the savage and the pure come all along.

During the nights, tropical sounds and international DJ mixes take the night scene. A rum, a brandy or a whiskey always cold to share and enjoy; in a city full of squares and cobbled streets, with sleepless nights. The Cartagena of my dreams .......

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