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Originally worn by men, the Colombian Carrieles have earned their place in the female market especially in the fashion world. Now known worldwide for its impeccable quality and unparalleled manufacturing, carrieles have been reinvented to shades and trends previously unthinkable for being a male accessory. Think about Juan Valdez: the symbol of the Colombian coffee farmer standing next to his donkey with coffee, his Ruana and yes .. his carriel bag and you will have an idea of ​​what I am talking about.

This bag is related to a satchel or saddle bag, the traditional model is presented in leather and fur until the redesigns with Wayuu fabrics and Molas fabrics from the Wayuu and Kuna tribes. This re-invention has allowed this unique garment to sneak into the big fashion capitals as the main highlight in the street style world. 

These bags are 100% handcrafted in leather, fur and native fabrics of different tribes, granting them a unique garment status and one of a kind piece. Hence its value and specific search since it is almost impossible to find two equal. Its interior is also characterized by its complexity in internal pockets and secret compartments. All this symbolism brought from the ancestors, Colombian farmers and the country life, in which the Carriel played an important role in the identity of these men. 

We are really lucky to have them among our products, as always offering a garment for life. Each Carriel KaleKale has been specifically designed and manufactured. Find more of our kalekale bags here! 

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