The art of these necklaces transcends generations. But most than an accessory, are statement pieces.

Colombian tribes such as the Kankuamo and the Embera have preserved this art replete of symbology and stories to tell.

More than an accessory, the necklaces, bracelets and appliqués represent an story life, special moments and social status within the tribe.

From birth, civil status and funeral, these pieces have been specially made for one purpose. The childrens wear black and red necklaces, they also wear bracelets on the left leg to protected form "evil eyes", a belief based on evil spirits that can hurt / affect  their defenseless creatures.

The singles ones use a bracelet on the right arm, as opposite, those engaged wear them on the left.

The colors are loaded with hight content meanings that has been transmitted generation after generation, as well techniques, the meaning of signs and drawings, leaving the cultural legacy through the pieces.

The most appreciated piece is the Okama, a necklace with a high symbolic content and exclusively feminine use. The men wear the Otapa, a rectangular necklace.

The Okama, its a necklace that gives distinction to the woman who carries it, telling its history and role in the community. Girls use them small, and women in relation to what they have lived. Some of them are truly Master pieces combining a beautiful color contrast.

At present, the making of these accessories represent an integral part of the livelihood and economy of these ethnic groups after of being recognised by their beauty, it is obvious that women feel attract to them.

Currently you can find them on the streets of Colombia, artisan fairs or even adapted by luxury brands to develop their own products.

Kale Kale works with these tribes hand on hand developing new rich and unique products for you, such our well known TWO TRIBES bag.

If you want to find out more about our beaded handmade products, visit our shop :) Teo trines

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