The beauty of Rosario Islands

30 islands comprise the archipielago of Rosario Islands located off the coast of Colombia, approximately 100 kilometres from Cartagena. Surrounded by cristal clear water, coral formations and beautiful nature landscapes. 

Some of the islands are just as big as the house that has been builded on it, perfect getaway to disappear from the noisy city and enjoy of true virgin nature. You are just a jump away from diving into a rich aquatic ecosystem. 

From the menu you can enjoy fresh seafood along some of the most popular food from the Colombian coast such Coconut Rice and fried plantains or "patacones" There is no five stars restaurants, or Michelin stars, just locals cooking comfort delicious food. 

All you need is to lie under a palm tree to enjoy the scenery and fullness!! 

If you can, don't miss out this paradise   !! 

Colombia Mi Amor 

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