Iconic Wayúu bags: Their symbolism and invaluable legacy.

Wayuu weaving, Colombia

These bags have been causing impressions all over the world for a few years ago because of their striking colours and the beauty of their weaving techniques, but in reality this bag, known by the name of MOCHILA in Colombia is an iconic piece of Wayuu culture.

The Wayuu people are an indigenous tribe living in the desert of La Guajira. Wayuu life is simple, yet rich in culture and history. They live in small settlements called "rancherias" and are one of a few remaining matrilineal groups worldwide, with women playing the most important role in Wayuu life; children bear the mothers' last name, and females are regarded as family and cultural leaders.

One of the most important aspects of Wayuu culture is the art of weaving, an ancient practice that is passed from mother to daughter. The tradition is bigger today, and female artisans use their skills to hand made beautiful and unique mochila bags that takes up 15 to 30 days be made. The traditional motifs of the Kanaas are the most authentic expression of how the Wayuu interpret and abstract elements of their material world, of their daily life, to create stylised figures of great symbolism, among them the genitals of donkeys, the shells of Turtles and star constellations, among others.

Today, the bags are a large portion of Wayuu income, and allow them to preserve their way of life, while sharing their talents with the world. This is one of Kale-Kale missions, we work hand on hand with these amazing artisans to bring all the beauty and inspiration of their culture. While you are getting not only an incredible piece of art that will remain forever in your closet, but you will be supporting to their economy to grow and get better living conditions.


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