Kale Kale World

Wayuu Colombian woman
Our journey started with theThe Wayúu tribe. One of the biggest indigenous tribes that inhabit the peninsula of the Guajira, in Colombia; This community of matriarchal structure is located in front of the Caribbean Sea. Their bags are the ultimate expression of the Wayúu handcraft. Was here where we found the inspiration for our brand, even our name comes from word Kale Kale that means Parakeets in wayuunaiki language.
Their bags have become famous by their colors and designs around the world. The "Mochilas"  (how they are known) are made in crochet, a technique introduced by Catholic missionaries at the beginning of the 20th century. But this was only our starting point, as our objective was to travel the country in search for the all the beautiful handcraft work watered in the different tribes and local craftsmen in Colombia.
During the journey we found the Kuna tribe and its beautiful mola weaving technique, the Arawak and Kankuamo handmade bags in wool inconstanting all his tribal symbolism, the magnificent leather work of artisans all over the country, the unique handcraft technique of the Iraca Palm to create beautiful bags and accessories, the legacy of Precolombino rough gold accessories and so on....
The love for this culture and its diversity is what keep us inspired. KaleKale is a projection of colors, contrasts, cultural mixes, diversity and talent of the indigenous peoples and artisans of Colombia.
  We carry that legacy in each thread, in every single detail.
KaleKale pieces are 100% hand made and exclusive, providing an invaluable character to each one. Our dream is to help this communities to grow economically. We support the Fair Trade.
By buying Kale Kale you are helping to improve these ethnic group living conditions.
The way we say, a kalekale bag is a bag for life!
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